Jenny Game-Lopata

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Here you can find information about Jenny's work in music and education design.

“...swaggering tenor saxophone...carefully crafted compositions gives way to raw exoticism...” John Shand, Limelight “Excellently balanced CD...” John Barns, Libretto “These are beautifully crafted compositions.” Miroslav Bukovsky, Music Forum” “Jenny’s music was original, innovative and well played. Everything I look for in music.” Sandy Evans, 1997 Composing Women’s Festival “Game’s tenor sax has a breathy silkiness, her soprano a rich sensuality.... The release could earn the Gamesters some well-deserved recognition in the Melbourne jazz scene.” Leon Gettler, The Age 18/7/96. “Here is an art of gentle persuasion... her tenor and soprano playing eloquent....” Stephen Ingham, The Age 22/4/97

  • Composition
  • Performance
  • Education Design
  • Research

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